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It isn’t a matter of getting the body you want, it’s a matter of doing the most you can with the body you have.

Stage 1 – Exercise

Customers whom purchase a tour via GetFit Travel and supplied by World Expeditions & Utracks will be partnered with a gym/boot camp/personal trainer.

Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the departure date of the adventure tour the training of the customer will begin.

This will prepare the customers for the potentially rigorous and grueling physical demands of the adventure tour.

Stage 2 – Nutrition

We have partnered with nutrition experts to deliver a healthy eating plan that will make reducing food consumption whilst maximizing performance.

Fitness is only 1 part of the loosing weight equation and when done in combination with regular exercise will guarantee lasting results.

Stage 3 – Tour Time

With the pre-tour training completed the customer has the required fitness level to complete their challenge.

Over the course of the tour they will hardly feel like they are working as they view stunning scenery.

With the healthy eating already programmed in from the weeks of training an eating prior to the departure date the kilo’s will just fall off them.

At the end of the tour they will have a sense of accomplishment and a body that they didn’t have to pay a fortune to build.

Stage 4 – What happens when the customer gets home?

With the endorphin high still buzzing about and the customer feeling great about what they accomplished and the body they built they will be encouraged to get back in touch with the partnered gym/boot camp/personal trainer.

The partnered gym/boot camp/personal trainer has the opportunity to convert this low paying/wholesale customer into a full paying full time client.

After this whole process it will have provided them the tools to have a new lifestyle, if they are willing to keep it going.


  • Bloody Awesome! Me and my wife were worried about a walking holiday because my health wasn’t great, but the training leading up helped a lot. It was a challenge without the pain. We loved it! Would definitely to it again.
    Gerald Garrett
    Trade Desk
  • I was traveling on my own, but the group I was with were really supportive and Paul was always building up my confidence. France has a gorgeous countryside; seeing it without being stuck in a bus made it even better. Nothing like a lovely stroll in France. Thanks Paul.
    Rachel Kemp
  • Paul kept our enthusiasm up during the training, talking about what the open air in France is like. It was even better when we got there. Thank you!
    Mandy Smith
    Café Manager
    Lakeview Café