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Feel amazingly fit

Even though we strive for our own fitness training results as individuals, it is the team momentum that creates the dynamic environment for individual success.

GetFit Travel will make you functionally fit by combining athletic aerobic movements with functional strength exercises that will have you looking and feeling amazingly fit.

At GFT you will never repeat the same workout twice ensuring our team training members achieve more than they ever thought possible.

With GFT you will achieve more!

GetFit Travel is the high intensity functional fitness workout designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger.

Train Together, Gain Together

This focused progression program drives transformative personal results through collaborative group training. Three times per week our renowned fitness professionals will push you through innovative, high-intensity workouts supported by elements of movement, nutrition and regeneration for a comprehensive approach to meeting your fitness goals.

Strength in numbers

GetFit Travel members will experience fun, belonging, control, support, reassurance and challenges all in a dynamic motivating environment that will respect their individuality so they can achieve more.

History has shown us that by working together as a team we gain far greater results than when we work out on our own.

At GetFit Travel our aim is to be the best, work hard and exceed expectations. No one in our training or tours gets left behind. We unite together, we work together and as a result, we grow together.

Incredible results

Team Training programmes are scientifically formulated by our trainers, they are not only results based but help GetFit Travel members create an exercise pathway for a lifetime.

GFT Program Features

Duration 50 minutes
Workout High Intensity / Functional / Dynamic
Results Improves functional fitness and strength for all-over athletic results as well as an athletic look and feel.