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We are a passionate team with the vision of combining
fitness & travel to provide a unique & exiting experience for customers

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together we will achieve more

GetFit Travel creates the opportunity for us all to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; it delivers the promise that ‘together everyone will achieve more’. It’s all about a strong foundation. Your trainer will help you boost strength, conditioning, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Expect an improvement in overall wellness.

Combining your flexible and maintainable exercise regime with an easy to follow nutrition plan makes losing weight not only more manageable and less of a tedious task. We don’t count calories or points, but we help you be accountable by being supportive.

We achieve this by providing you achievable goals and the support require with all the help you need leading up to your adventure tour.

Intense, Sustainable, Supportive

Our Team

Paul Wilson
Co-Founder & CTO

The man with a dream to help others, stay fit and travel. Paul is an avid fitness enthusiast whom knows only to well the struggles of losing weight. Paul's daily job sees him at a desk of a marketing agency, but prefers the pace of adventure travel.

Damian Day

When Damian isn't helping people with their finances & home loan woes, he is spending his by visiting all corners of the globe. Usually taking 3-4 major trips per year, he isn't comfortable if he isn't doing it rough or breaking a sweat.

Chris McCarthy
Marketing Consultant

Our creative & marketing consultant, along with his team at The Marketing Mix based at the head office in Perth provide us all the support we need to make our voice heard by you the web surfer.

Why Choose Us

Handpicked Hotels

We have taken the hassle out of undertaking an adventure tour by placing you in the best accommodation available.

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Training Results

By forging partnerships with leading fitness trainers it allows us to provide fitness programs that guarantee results.

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Amazing Prices

By packaging up a fitness program and an adventure tour allows GetFit Travel to provide amazing discounts.

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Happy Customers

Amazing Tours

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What Customers Say

  • Bloody Awesome! Me and my wife were worried about a walking holiday because my health wasn’t great, but the training leading up helped a lot. It was a challenge without the pain. We loved it! Would definitely to it again.
    Gerald Garrett
    Trade Desk
  • I was traveling on my own, but the group I was with were really supportive and Paul was always building up my confidence. France has a gorgeous countryside; seeing it without being stuck in a bus made it even better. Nothing like a lovely stroll in France. Thanks Paul.
    Rachel Kemp
  • Paul kept our enthusiasm up during the training, talking about what the open air in France is like. It was even better when we got there. Thank you!
    Mandy Smith
    Café Manager
    Lakeview Café

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